Why Invest Now

Why invest now in the 5% Legacy Solution?
Simply put, legacy giving will be by far the largest revenue growth area for charities over the next few decades as the baby-boomer generation determines what their lasting legacy will be when their lifetime is at an end.

Charities that are proactive in approaching their stakeholders will have a huge advantage. Research has shown that approximately three quartres of donors who choose to leave a legacy gift, do not intend to leave additional planned gifts.
Your organization needs to be in the front of the pack.

Charities that engage a significant percentage of their stakeholder base in legacy giving will have a distinct advantage over those that do not. They will:

  • tap into a substantial and secure source of revenue – the assets of their stakeholders;
  • have significantly lower fundraising/administration costs;
  • open a revenue stream that keeps flowing with minimal resource investment; and
  • be freed from a total reliance on annual fundraising

And not only that – an investment in legacy giving is the wisest investment you will ever make:

Cost-to-donation ratio for different program areas

  • Legacy giving =  1 to 3 cents to raise $1
  • Major gifts = 10 -20 cents to raise $1
  • Direct Mail = 40 cents – $1.25 to raise $1
  • Special Events = 75 cents to $1.25 to raise $1

An effective legacy engagement strategy will be a life-line for many charities, helping to survive and prosper.

A focus on legacy giving doesn’t hinder annual giving, it actually helps it. That’s because those who make a legacy gift feel closer to the charity and more committed to its mission and vision.
The 5% Legacy Solution gives you a system to engage a significant percentage of your supporters to a legacy gift commitment.

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5% Legacy Solution

“The system has established a sustainable source of revenue for decades to come. It was an investment in a results proven system. Definite value.”

- Eric W. Durack, Former Estate Coordinator, BC SPCA

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