Is it possible to overuse the emotional approach?

I recently had the pleasure of presenting to a highly engaged group of people at the CAGP Southern Alberta Chapter. We were discussing Repositioning your Legacy Program to Reflect the Psychology of Giving, and went rather over time as there

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The worst, yet not uncommon, question

We’ve come across a lot of surveys in our time. We love surveys, and when done right, we believe they are one of the best ways to connect with donors. But they can also be the worst. One of the

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Legacy messaging: Make it meaningful with narrative

Which is more memorable – a series of numbers? Or a story? Studies[i], [ii] have shown time and time again that stories are more memorable, yet we often see legacy material focused on gift type comparison grids, bullet points of

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Legacy Gift Conversion: Strategies to move donors from interest to action  

When someone says they are interested in legacy giving, how do you help them make their decision to leave a gift? Here are some tips to make converting interest to action a little easier. Stay in touch with your legacy leads (those

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2016 CAGP-ACPDP Conference Highlights

It was wonderful as always to connect with friends and colleagues to share ideas at the CAGP-ACPDP national conference. There were many great discussions, but just a few highlights from the recent conference in Banff for me were: CAGP-ACPDP is

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Legacy Giving in the Digital Age

Join us at the CAGP/ACPDP Conference in Banff on Wednesday, April 6th from 4:45 – 5:15 p.m. at the S.T. Legacy Group Exhibition Booth Looking for ways to engage your donors in legacy giving without taking up more of your limited

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No data management plan? These essential points will help to instantly improve your legacy program stewardship

If you don’t have an effective data management plan, your legacy program will suffer. As much as we all feel we can remember key information, that we know our donors, and that we’ll always be here to steward them in

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Legacy Survey Best Practices

A well-crafted legacy survey can be the best way to engage charity stakeholders in: declaring a legacy gift commitment thinking about legacy giving a personal relationship But there are pitfalls. Surveys can be spectacularly successful, but they can also bomb.

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Inquiry: Are South Asian supporters as receptive to legacy engagement as other supporter groups?

At S.T. Legacy Group we are interested in cross-cultural issues1 around legacy giving. Anecdotal knowledge says that South Asian supporters, even those who are generous givers in their lifetime, are not likely prospects for a legacy gift. But is this

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Small charity, big results: How small charities are leading the way in rethinking planned giving

Where are the best innovations in legacy (planned) giving occurring? In mature programs? In big organizations with lots of money to invest? Not in our experience working with over 30 Canadian charities. We’ve found that the start-up legacy programs in

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5% Legacy Solution

"Although we have just begun using the legacy survey, it is yielding brilliant results in more ways than one … legacy leads, legacy commitments, and especially the lovely and heart-warming stories about the care our donors or their family received at our hospital."

- Cass Cozens, Manager of Major & Planned Giving, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Saskatoon

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