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Future estimated revenue from legacy gifts based on supporter engagements levels
Stakeholder Base LER Legacy Gifts (#) Future estimated revenue*
* Estimated revenue is based on an average legacy gift of $45,000
The majority of this revenue will be received in the next 15 years. On average, a legacy gift is received 7 years after it is arranged.
LER = Legacy Engagement Ratio

Research shows that up to 40% of charity supporters will consider making a legacy gift to a favourite charity, but most organizations (even those with mature legacy programs) secure legacy gift commitments from no more than 1% of their supporters. That’s because the traditional gift-planning method for generating legacy gifts is not designed to engage large numbers of donors in legacy giving.

S.T. Legacy Group’s 5% Legacy Solution is a customized legacy engagement system with a proven track-record of success. Whether your organization is large or small, has an existing planned giving program or not, we can help you implement a legacy system that can result in up to 5% or more of your supporters leaving a legacy gift to your charity.

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“S.T. Legacy Group’s legacy engagement system completely transformed our organization. It helped convert 7% of our supporters to a bequest commitment, generating an estimated $150 million in deferred revenue … and probably much more. The organization has already seen a massive increase in annual income as a result of this system. It now has a sustainable source of revenue for decades to come. This was the best investment we ever made.”
– Eric Durack, Planned Giving Manager, British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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5% Legacy Solution

“The survey was a tremendous success.”

- Leslie Howard, Planned Giving Consultant with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

See how the 5% Legacy Solution can work for your organization.