Will Tool Kits

Many prospective legacy donors take a long time to act because:SAWill_Toolkit_cover

  1. They don’t want to think about their own demise
  2. The process of writing or changing a will and leaving a charitable bequest (the most common form of legacy gift) is seen as time-consuming and daunting for some people.

Whatever you can do to ease this burden will help your cause.

A good Will Toolkit helps prospective donors understand:

• what a will is
• why it is important to have one
• why it is important to have a will that is drafted by a professional
• what to look for in a legal professional to draft their will
• steps they need to take before they visit that professional

And the Will Toolkit gives you the opportunity to:

• re-engage donors at an emotional level with donor and service recipient stories
• remind legacy leads of their connection to your cause
• assure individuals that they will be making a good investment when they leave a legacy to you
• provide simple steps to include your organization in their will

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