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Generally, the type of legacy articles we see charities produce gain very little traction with donors. That’s because most articles focus on the mechanics of giving. Donors hardly ever read these types of articles. The inner workings of a charitable remainder trust generate as much interest as watching paint dry.

Donors are interested in how your organization helps make the world a better place and the impact you have on the lives of others. The key is “Passion and People” not “Terminology and Techniques”.

We will help you use “Passion and People” to connect your stakeholders to the topic of legacy giving, as we did in this example:

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5% Legacy Solution

“This is a revolutionary and very practical approach. It’s a breath of fresh air and will motivate both fundraisers and donors to 'just do it'. It moves past the intricacies of planned giving instruments and tax incentives to the heart of the matter, the organization's mission and vision and how donors can help achieve that dream."

- Heather Wardle, Former Development Director, Seva Canada

See how the 5% Legacy Solution can work for your organization.