Legacy Surveys

The legacy survey system is the most effective legacy engagement and solicitation vehicle. It is the keystone of S.T. Legacy’s approach. It enables organizations to enter into a dialogue with stakeholders about their values, their stories, their interest in your vision and the extent to which they will support that vision with a legacy gift.

Supporters are generally much more forthcoming when asked for their feedback and will often divulge a lot about themselves in a survey.


Surveys that are conducted by mail or online (by email) are the most cost-effective and sensitive means of bringing up the issue of legacy giving and asking for legacy a gift. The mail and email venue allows legacy prospects to complete the survey in their own time. It puts less pressure on individuals than a phone or face-to-face format. Donors need time and space to make these types of decisions and are unlikely to answer honestly if they are under any pressure.

Developing an effective legacy survey, targeting key donors, introducing and disseminating it effectively, and following-up immediately are all critical components of an effective legacy solicitation and engagement system. Our surveys get a 30 – 50% response rate because we provide a comprehensive strategic approach and because our surveys are carefully designed to connect individuals emotionally and personally to your vision and elicit an interest in legacy giving.

Used in combination with a legacy video, the legacy survey generates legacy leads for far less than other forms of solicitation.

Surveys should never sent out en mass. Each survey is introduced with a personalized letter or email that creates an immediate impact on donors and results in much higher response levels. The survey is sent in small batches so that follow-up can be done immediately.

An engaging legacy survey will give your organization:

  • a source of legacy leads and commitments;Fringe Survey cover
  • a venue to collect information on individual stakeholders;
  • valuable information, not only for your legacy program, but also for your major giving and annual program;
  • stakeholder stories;
  • an opportunity to start a personal relationship with donors whom you have never met;
  • a means to better understand the barriers that people face when thinking about a legacy gift to your organization.

Success Metrics

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5% Legacy Solution

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- David Love, CFRE, Legacy Giving Consultant

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