Digital Engagement

Although older donors may still give annual gifts through the mail, a very large percentage are now on-line. Organizations that have digital engagement systems, are not only acquiring legacy gifts on-line, they are also converting supporters to legacy commitments.

UGM legacy page

Digital engagement systems, once in place, reach a far greater audience than mail based system, and generate commitments in a much more cost effective way.

Videos, interactive legacy micro-sites, and legacy e-strategies are not only the wave of the future, they are already in place and working effectively to generate legacy gifts for charities both large and small.

Success Metrics

Help our sector gain insight by taking part in our Success Metrics study via a survey.

5% Legacy Solution

“The program has allowed us to engage our Alumni donor group by creating a targeted campaign that has provided us with valuable insight into the future”.

- Stephanie Cardwell, Development and Communications Coordinator Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC

See how the 5% Legacy Solution can work for your organization.