Legacy Updates/Newsletters

This is one way to ensure your legacy program and legacy conversion strategy has fresh and appealing content.

UGM Legacy Update Cover

Donor stories, mission/vision related stories, background on program staff and updates on gifts received and pledged can all be part of the update.

Presentation and content is key. Boring presentation and boring content = few readers. Technical language decreases readership – avoid descriptions of gift vehicles.

A response system is always connected to the update. The Annual Update is usually four pages (an 11″ x 17″ sheet folded in half).

Success Metrics

Help our sector gain insight by taking part in our Success Metrics study via a survey.

5% Legacy Solution

“The survey was a tremendous success.”

- Leslie Howard, Planned Giving Consultant with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

See how the 5% Legacy Solution can work for your organization.